Thursday’s News from the Slopes

So, our penultimate day started with very low cloud filling the valleys but none of the snow that was forecast overnight. After our usual fab breakfast we were out and ready to rumble in record time. The more experienced group headed up to Eagle Rock and spent the morning lashing down reds and blues mostly, although visibilityy made it extremely challenging at times.  The coming-on-beautifully group followed the patches of sun and clear air, heading for Les Gondrans. They nailed their second red run of the week and then moved on to blues and greens to complete their morning’s activity.

Having thoroughly enjoyed lunch of burger, chips and salad, and with rested legs, we crossed to the slopes to meet our instructors. And then … the snow came. Unphased, the groups headed off in different directions, but with the aim of meeting up together for a well-earned ‘grand chocolate chaud avec creme’ on the mountainside. By the end of the afternoon the snow was falling heavily, but our intrepid skiers were undeterred and continued on.

As soon as we were off the slopes we launched ourselves into a shopping frenzy with gifts a-plenty bought for home. This was quickly followed by dinner of wedges and onion rings to start, roast pork and toffee sponge with butterscotch sauce.  We are now in the entertainment room having a music quiz before heading off to bed, ready for our last day of fun on the pistes.


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