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Monday. Day 2 on the piste

Ca va tout le monde? The weather again has been glorious, very sunny and very warm, our goggle tans are coming along nicely. Today’s skiing has been brilliant and much progress has been made in both groups. Thre more experienced skiers were victorious against the two boarder crosses in resort as well as bumpy red and black runs. We even travelled off piste, the group were very patient while Miss Smith got stuck between the trees in two feet of soft snow! The beginner group have moved from the nursery slope, travelling further up the mountain in the gondola. The group have skied backwards, managed step turns and have practised their balance by skiing on one leg, just like true professionals. For tea we had soup to start, followed by fish, chips and peas, with cake and custard for pud. This evening we have taken part in a quiz, which of course the teachers won. In true team spinach we forfeited our win. We are now in the entertainment room playing pool, heading up to bed shortly. Bonne nuit!

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