Danielle Smith

Danielle Smith

A Visit From Peter Bunzl

Sara and Helena in Year 6 report on a special visit to the school by author Peter Bunzl.

On the 20th June 2017 Peter Bunzl, the author of Cogheart and Moonlocket, came to our school to visit and talk about what it’s like being a writer and the inspirations for his books.

Peter grew up in South London with a great interest in books. He also enjoyed sci-fi films and loved to make animations. He adored the robots from films! Peter was most inspired by the Star Wars robots and that’s where he got the inspiration for his character Malkin, a wind-up mechanical fox (and best friend of main character Lily), in his two novels.

 Cogheart is all about the emotional journey for a girl called Lily, mechanical fox Malkin and Robert (Lily’s friend). Moonlocket – the sequel – follows on from this book with more mysteries and magic. Both books are set in Victorian England, but with weird and quirky futuristic elements too – a great mix.

 When Peter visited our school he showed us all of his inspirational moments. He played games with us (to do with robots, of course!) and demonstrating posture by balancing books on children’s heads (a school lesson from his books… read Cogheart if you want to know more).

Peter told us how he had enjoyed animating his front covers on his books since they’re to do with robots and mechanics. We were allowed to buy either of his books and he signed them at the end! All 50 copies of the books were snapped up by enthusiastic readers.  


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Monday. Day 2 on the piste

Ca va tout le monde? The weather again has been glorious, very sunny and very warm, our goggle tans are coming along nicely. Today’s skiing has been brilliant and much progress has been made in both groups. Thre more experienced skiers were victorious against the two boarder crosses in resort as well as bumpy red and black runs. We even travelled off piste, the group were very patient while Miss Smith got stuck between the trees in two feet of soft snow! The beginner group have moved from the nursery slope, travelling further up the mountain in the gondola. The group have skied backwards, managed step turns and have practised their balance by skiing on one leg, just like true professionals. For tea we had soup to start, followed by fish, chips and peas, with cake and custard for pud. This evening we have taken part in a quiz, which of course the teachers won. In true team spinach we forfeited our win. We are now in the entertainment room playing pool, heading up to bed shortly. Bonne nuit!

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Police investigations into the misuse of Social Networking Sites

Important Message from County Hall’s ICT/SEN & e-safety Consultant Early Years and Schools Service 

We have received two reports this week of police investigations into the misuse of social networking platforms, specifically children being persuaded to ‘friend’ and interact with individuals who then act inappropriately towards them.

I should be grateful if you would consider reminding parents of the need to closely monitor their children’s internet activities, in particular their use of the latest apps, websites and games.

The NSPCC has produced some excellent advice for parents on their ‘Share Aware’ website:


In addition, the ‘Net Aware’ site has specific advice on the 50+ most popular sites, games and apps used by young people.


Oovoo in particular has raised significant safety concerns and additional advice on this site can be found on the parentINFO / CEOP site:



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