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Karate Club

Just a reminder that Karate Club is back on this evening (Thursday 8th January 2015)

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Just a Reminder…

Just a reminder that Year 8 are hosting a celebration assembly  on Thursday 18th December at 1:30 p.m. Parents and relatives are welcome to attend, each pupil in Year 8 will be taking part in...

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PTA Wreath Making Event

On the evening of Thursday 4th December Christmas spirits were rising as the PTA’s Wreath Making Event took place. The evening was a success and there was a brilliant turn out of parents and relatives. Thank...

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Kids’ Literacy Quiz

On Wednesday 12th November two teams from Ovingham Middle School took part in The Kids’ Lit Quiz. The Kids’ Lit Quiz is an annual literature quiz for students aged 10 – 13 years. Quizzes are...

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Year 7 Pastoral Week- Finished Story Books!

Following a dizzying week researching, writing, storyboarding, painting, drawing, desk-top-publishing, printing, binding and finally presenting(!)- Year 7’s glorious story books can be revealed!  Click here to see some stunning sample completed pages!

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Robin Wood Day 2

This morning we were up at 7am, getting ready and sorting our kit out before breakfast at 7.40am. To get the day started we had cereal, toast and then a cooked breakfast. NICE! Then...

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Robin Wood Day 1

Meals – LARGE! We’ll come back to that later. A beautiful drive from OMS, in glorious sunshine and clear blue skies took us up in to the autumnal hillsides around Alston. The conditions were...

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Zoo update

Year 8 have had a brilliant day at the zoo and are currently heading home. It looks as though they should be back at the expected time of 7.00pm. Further updates as necessary!